Modern Hebrew Online Placement Process

July 15, 2019

Modern Hebrew Online Placement Process 

Who needs to take it?

All students who have not yet studied Modern Hebrew at Yale (except for those who have no or only minimal previous formal or informal exposure to Hebrew) are expected to go through the Program placement exam.  

The placement process ensures that students enroll in the course that most fit their needs, abilities and goals. 

If you have no formal or informal background in Hebrew, but consider shopping our classes, you do not need to go through the placement process. Instead, just come to one of our L1 classes at 10:30AM or 1:30PM.

The Modern Hebrew placement assessment process consists of three parts: 

1)   A short survey (in English) that would help us determine which of the assessments a student should take. The survey is available here:

Please allow up to a week to hear back from us. 

2)   An online assessment based on the recommendations given to the students. July 15 – August 15.**

Joining the assessment site: 

To join the Hebrew Placement site go to you are on that site, there is a button on the right where you can “Join this Course”.  Please click that button and you will enroll in the “Hebrew Placement course.”

Taking the assessment: 

In the Hebrew Placement site, go to Quizzes(on the left menu). Choose the  

test you wish to take. 1, 2, 3, or 4 based on the recommendation you have received. 

If after completing the assessmentyou feel that it was too easy or too hard you may choose to take an additional assessment (ex. if you took assessment #3 and it was too easy, take assessment #4; if you took assessment #2 and it was too hard, take assessment #1).

Taking a second assessment does not have to be done at the same time as the first one but if you decide to do so please email shiri.goren@yale.eduso we know to wait for the additional assessment before looking at the first one.  

3)   A short in-person interview, Sunday, August 25, 10:00am-1:00pm (during First-Year Orientation). The interview is held at the Center for Language Studies, 370 Temple Street, Room 420. An electronic sign-up form for the interviews will be emailed to all students who have taken the online exam, a few days before August 25.

** If you missed this window and still wish to take the placement, please email Dr. Shiri Goren, Director of the Hebrew Program, at