Samples of Student Work

HEBR 110, Elementary Modern Hebrew - Fall Semester

Katherine McDaniel and Johanna Press, Final Project (Fall 2012)

Josh Scharff, Who am I? (Fall 2011)

Carissa Youse and Michael Blech, Dialogue Conversation in Paris (Fall 2008)

HEBR 120, Elementary Modern Hebrew - Spring Semester

Nancy, Poem .doc PDF (Spring 2015)

Marcelle Friedman, Translation of poem by J. Mitchell - Both Sides Now

Rebecca Cholst and Natalia Ginsburg, reading of A Chelm story

The IsraYalie newspaper, Year-end project of Elementary Modern Hebrew students (Spring 2007)

HEBR 130, Intermediate Modern Hebrew

Johanna Press, A Touch Away (מרחק נגיעה), TV series analysis and PowerPoint (Fall 2013)

Becca and Judah, Return Story (סיפור חוזר) (Fall 2018)

Gabi, Jocelyn and Dalia, African Refugee Development Center (Fall 2018)

Jack and Ryan, The Bridge to Youth (Fall 2018)

HEBR 140, Intermediate Modern Hebrew

Anonymous, YOU (Spring 2015)

Bill Drexel, Grammar Practice (Spring 2015)

David Kahan, Final Journal (Spring 2010)

John (Billy) Toth, A Touch Away (Spring 2009)

Nathaniel Granor and Rachel Dubois, Oral dialogue: Where Will I Be in Ten Years… (Spring 2007)

Shira Winter, The story “Pocket knife” by Shalom Aleichem Haolar Report (Spring 2007)

Scott Wexler, My Last Journal (Spring 2005)

NELC 155, State and Society in Israel (conducted in English)

Hannah LaBovick, Analysis of a current event, written analysis and presentation clip (Fall 2014)