Shiri Goren

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Senior Lector II
320 York St, New Haven, CT 06511-3627
+1 (203) 436-8186

Curriculum Vitae

Shiri Goren (B.A., Magna cum Laude, Tel Aviv University, 2001; M. Phil. New York University, 2007; PhD, New York University, 2011) is a Senior Lector II and the Director of the Modern Hebrew Program. She joined the Yale faculty in 2006.

Her areas of specialization include modern Hebrew language and literature, Israeli culture, media and film studies and gender theory. She is also active in the field of Hebrew teaching, working on several projects on the intersection of language pedagogy and digital humanity. She is an ACTFL OPI (Oral Proficiency interview) Tester of Hebrew with full certification, 2016-2020, and a member of the Yale Language Study Committee. Goren is also a member of the Executive Steering Committee of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew and is an elected senator of the inaugural Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate at Yale.

She is the co-editor of Choosing Yiddish: New Frontiers of Language and Culture (Wayne State University Press, 2013) which highlights a new generation of scholars revitalizing the field of Yiddish Studies. The book includes her essay on the last work of (Yiddish) prose by Hebrew author David Vogel. Her current book project, Creative Resistance: Literary Interventions in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, explores how violence affects real and imagined spaces in Israel of recent years. The book focuses on novels by the writers Orly Castel-Bloom, Gabriella Avigur-Rotem, Ronit Matalon, and Sayed Kashua, as well as other cultural productions such as films, documentaries and TV series. Another project she works on focuses on the pedagogy of teaching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in north-American universities.

Among the courses she teaches are: Israeli Society in Film [Hebrew]; Israeli Identity and Culture: 1948 to the Present [English]; Dynamics of Israeli Culture [Hebrew]; Conversational Hebrew: Israeli Media; Israeli Narratives [English]; as well as Hebrew language courses (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced).

Goren has recently received grants from The Center for Language Study (IIG 2016) A. Whitney Griswold Faculty Research Fund (2012-2014), and the Council on Middle East Studies at Yale University.

Before coming to the United States, she was a journalist and senior editor of news magazines on Israeli television and radio.

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications

“Remember Them All: Reimagining Collective Memory in Sayed Kashua’s Israeli Sitcom Arab Labor,” in As Seen on Israeli Television: Global Contexts, Local Vision, edited by Miri Talmon (volume under review by the University of Texas Press).

“Humor, Violence and Creative Resistance in the Israeli TV Show Arab Labor” (in Hebrew). Studies in Israeli and Modern Jewish Society, [Iyunim Bitkumat Israel] No. 24, December 2014.

“War at Home: Literary Engagements with the Israeli Political Crisis in two Novels by Gabriela Avigur-Rotem.” In Rachel Harris and Ranen Omer-Sherman eds. Narratives of Dissent: War in Contemporary Israeli Arts and Culture (Detroit: Wayne state UP, 2013), 187-204.

“Writing on the Verge of Catastrophe: David Vogel’s Last Work of Prose.” In Lara Rabinovitch, Shiri Goren and Hannah Pressman eds. Choosing Yiddish: New Frontiers of Language and Culture (Detroit: Wayne state UP, 2013), 29-45.

Other articles and reviews have appeared in The American Jewish Archives Journal; Modern Hebrew Literature; and AJS Perspectives, among other venues.